The reason for our success - Our staff

Being able to retain your staff in most of todays companies and businesses is almost a forgotten about necessity. Solway Prints attitude to staff retainment is easy... Treat your staff fairly and well and the dividends of a happy and more experienced workforce will catapult profits.

Meet our long serving much loved staff below.


Mac Creedon


As one of the founding members of Solway Print, I've been in the printing trade for over 60 years. My experience in the trade is still teaching everyone a thing or two.

Mac's Mantra



John Ronnie


As co-owner along with Mac we can work out anything as we believe nothing is impossible. This attitude has served the company well.

John's Mantra

"Nothing is impossible."


Amanda Creedon

Managing Director

I've worked in this inky print shop since 1985 and became Managing Director in 2015. My life has always revolved around horses and sport, and is now happily shared with my son Zack. I play squash and cricket to no great level, keep chickens, horses, sheep and cats!

Amanda's Mantra

"Ensure your employees are happy and appreciated, they are the backbone of your business."


Fiona Brown

Designer / Lead Typesetter

Joined Solway in July 1989 and not long after met my handsome other half here. I love walking my Westie (meaning he takes me for a walk), reading books (very quickly) and crocheting (very slowly)! Science fiction aficionado, especially Star Trek, the Original Series.

Fiona's Mantra

"Ye cannae change the laws o physics."

Chris Brown - Solway Print

Chris Brown

Designer / Production Manager

Joined Solway in August 1991 in the pursuit of perfection - married Fiona 3 year later.

Apple fan-boy that’s always looking at the next big tech innovation, my other interests include Photography, Road Cycling (still trying to be Wiggo), 

Classic Rock music collector and concert goer - all of which have a new lease of life thanks to my bionic hip upgrade in 2018. 

Chris' Mantra

"Thou shalt not use Comic Sans"


Andrea Connor

pre print press operative/Graphic Designer

Andrea is thinking about what to write here.

Andrea's Mantra



David Smart

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, the design of your job is important to my psychological well-being so rest assured I am doing my best for you.
I've got a lovely wife, family and a dog.  Just need a motorbike now but I'm not allowed.

David's Mantra

"Proud to be Ginger, baldy, but still counts."


Craig Wilson


Married to Fiona and have 2 boys Daniel and Nathan. I'm a big Scotland and Queen of the South supporter. I've worked at Solway since May 1994 and make it into work regularly when there are no games on.

Russ's Mantra

"Sorry I've had a brain injury."


Meg Smyth

Print Finisher / Book Binder

Hi I'm Meg Smyth, I've worked at Solway Print since I left school 34 years ago, I like walking, eating out and holidays.

Meg's Mantra

"It wisnae me."

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